CAM Colloquium: Sadaf Sobhani (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell) - Numerical Investigation of Heterogeneous Combustion in Porous Media Burners


Frank H. T. Rhodes Hall 655


Abstract: Cleaner and more efficient combustion strategies are integral in the transition to a global low-
carbon energy system. Heterogenous combustion in porous media has been identified as an
opportunity with the potential for overcoming technological barriers associated with
conventional combustion systems. Combustion in porous media leverages heat transfer between
the reacting gas and the solid structure, which results in enhanced flame stability and reduced
emissions. Low-order and high-fidelity models are developed to enable the prediction of the
heterogeneous combustion and conjugate heat transfer inside the porous structure. In this talk, I
present an overview of the computational challenges and strategies applied in the modeling and
simulation of this novel combustion technology.

Bio: Dr. Sobhani is an assistant professor in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering at Cornell University. Before joining Cornell, she worked as a research associate at
the NASA Ames Research Center, where she combined high-fidelity simulations with x-ray
tomography to study radiative heat transfer in thermal protection fibrous materials. She later
joined the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher in the
simulation and modeling of electrochemical systems for carbon conversion. Dr. Sobhani
received her doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, where she
also completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.