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Center for Applied Math

The range of possibilities for graduate study in Cornell’s Center for Applied Mathematics encompasses the areas of specialization of all of the faculty members in the field, who currently number more than 100 superb faculty. The faculty members are drawn from 14 departments in the College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. There is opportunity for further diversification on the choice of minor subjects. Our faculty has a wide-range of research interests including mathematical biology and physics, probability theory, nonlinear dynamics, numerical analysis, network theory, optimization, mathematical finance, signal processing, mathematical physics, and game theory.

Graduate students are admitted to the Field of Applied Mathematics from a variety of educational backgrounds that have a strong mathematics component. Generally, only students who wish to become candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree are considered. About 40 students are enrolled in the program, which usually requires four to five years to complete.

David Bindel

Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Center for Applied Mathematics (CAM), home to the graduate field of Applied Mathematics. As the Director, I'm very proud of our students, postdoctoral fellows, and more than 100 superb faculty and staff, and feel this is a fantastic place to pursue graduate study in applied math.

Our program has always been exceptionally flexible and interdisciplinary, with a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. CAM was created in 1964 "to encourage the application of mathematical knowledge in the physical, biological, and social sciences," and today our faculty span many areas of applied mathematics, including:

  • mathematical biology
  • probability theory
  • nonlinear dynamics
  • numerical analysis
  • network theory
  • optimization
  • mathematical finance
  • signal processing
  • mathematical physics
  • game theory

and the list goes on.

The program has received national and international acclaim, such as being ranked #4 in applied math by the National Research Council (2010). View a video about our program that aired at the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics - ICIAM 2011. As a Cornell graduate student in applied mathematics, you will find a culture of respect and a warm, collegial atmosphere that encourages you to excel.

To apply, please fill out the application at the Cornell University Graduate School web site. To learn more about our program, you can continue to our Academics section.

David Bindel
Associate Professor, Computer Science