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Research Slide Blitz and Poster Session
September 26, 2020

CAM faculty, postdocs, and students presented 23 slides and 10 posters about their research. Each presenter had 60 seconds to give a one-slide summary of their work in the “slide blitz," which occurred on Zoom. After the “blitz,” we moved to the CAMspace on for the poster session, during which attendees browsed through posters and interacted with presenters and each other at their leisure. 


  • John Chavis, Student, Hypergraph Cuts with General Splitting Functions & Minimizing Localized Ratio Cut
    Objectives in Hypergraphs
  • Mark Gluzman, Student, Queueing Network Controls via Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Michael Jauch, Postdoc, Monte Carlo Simulation on the Stiefel Manifold via Polar Expansion
  • Misha Padidar, Student, Bayesian Risk-Averse Optimization of Stellarators
  • Toryn Schafer, Postdoc, Non-Linear Forecasting with Echo State Networks
  • Chun Yin (Alex) Siu, Student, The Shape of Data - Topological Statistics:  Identifying Underlying Manifolds, Revealing Mesoscopic Structures in Networks, Quantifying Complicated Geometries, and More
  • Nate Veldt, Postdoc, Hypergraph Cuts with General Splitting Functions & Minimizing Localized Ratio Cut
    Objectives in Hypergraphs
  • Lily Wang, Student, Coalescing Ballistic Annihilation
  • Yujia Zhang, Student, COVID-19 Modeling for Cornell’s Fall Semester
  • Xinran Zhu, Student, GPTune: Multitask Learning for Autotuning Exascale Applications

Blitz Slides (all poster presenters above also presented slides on poster topic)

  • David Bindel, Field Faculty and Director, Stellarator Optimization
  • Vasilis Charisopoulos, Postdoc, Communication-Efficient Distributed Eigenspace Estimation
  • Chris Earls, Field Faculty, Physics-Informed Machine Learning: Giving Computers Models of the World
  • Jan N. Fuhg, Postdoc, Vision:  Data-Driven Crystal-Plasticity
  • Mallory Gaspard, Student, Managing Uncertainty on the Road
  • Max Jenquin, Empirical Green's Function Models for Parameter-Dependent Inverse Problems
  • Jonas L. Juul, Postdoc, Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Cascades—or Simply Larger?
  • Teeratorn Kadeethum, Non-Intrusive Reduced Order Modeling of Contact Problems
  • Ariah Klages-Mundt, Student, Economic Complexity and Cryptoeconomic Design
  • Kath Landgren, Student, Climate Model Complexity Range (Log Scale?)
  • Anna Poulton, Student, Optimal Control: Spatial Fisheries Management
  • Max Ruth, Student, Geometrically Nonlinear Dynamics in Piezoelectric MEMS
  • Alex Townsend, Field Faculty, Adaptive Numerical Computing


Notable Alumni Lecture Series

December 6, 2019
Scott Clark, PhD '12
From argmax f(x) to an international business: building a startup with applied mathematics

March 15, 2019
Javier Peña, PhD '98
Carnegie Mellon University
First-order algorithms for convex minimization via the convex conjugate

November 17, 2017
Mason Porter, PhD '02
Multilayer networks

November 18, 2016
Robert Vanderbei, PhD '81
Princeton University
Numerical optimization applied to space-related problems

December 4, 2015
Alan Hastings, PhD '77
UC Davis
Using mathematics to conserve and sustain: tools for environmental management

Alumni Panels
November 30, 2018
Mark Myers PhD ‘94, The Fulton Companies
Rick Wicklin PhD ‘93, SAS
Patrick Worfolk PhD ‘93, Synaptics

November 10, 2017
Tim Novikoff, PhD ‘12, Google Photos
Virginia Pasour, PhD ‘07, Army Research Office
Danielle Toupo, PhD ‘16, Intel Corporation
Philipp Meerkamp, PhD ‘12, Bloomberg LP
Zhengyi Zhu, PhD ‘15, AT&T Labs

Student-Selected Speakers
October 4, 2019
Yousef Saad, University of Minnesota
Filtering techniques for eigenvalue problems

May 11, 2018
Persi Diaconis, Stanford University
Shuffling cards and adding numbers

September 1, 2017
Nick Trefethen, Oxford University
Random Functions, Random ODEs, and Chebfun

May 6, 2016
Sendhil Mullainathan, Harvard University
Prediction, Causation and Using Machine Learning

February 27, 2015
Tim Reluga, Penn State University
The Mathematics of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Policy

November 22, 2013
Gilbert Strang, MIT
Tridiagonal Matrices in Four Applications

November 30, 2012
Stuart Geman, Brown University
Strange Invariants in Natural Images and the Financial Markets

May 3, 2012
Erika Camacho, CAM PhD '03, Arizona State University
Tracing the Progression of Retinitis Pigmentosa via Photoreceptor Interactions