CAM Field Membership

To apply for field membership, please send the following materials to John Guckenheimer, Interim Director. Applications are accepted at any time.

1) A brief nomination from a current CAM field member.

2) A 1-2 paragraph statement about the mathematical aspects of your work and the reasons you want to join CAM.

3) An enumeration of the CAM Focal Areas in which you have significant background (research projects, graduate courses completed, etc.). CAM members must have a sufficiently broad background to be effective advisors for our Ph.D. students, who are required to take courses in at least 4 Focal Areas. 

4) Your current CV and links to 2-3 of your more mathematical papers.

The review process typically takes at least two weeks (longer during summer and winter breaks) and includes a pre-screening by the CAM Membership Committee, a field faculty vote, and confirmation from the Graduate School.