CAM Colloquium-- Benedetto Piccoli, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Rutgers Camden


655 Rhodes Hall


Title: "On the problem of controlling large networked traffic systems"

Abstract: The problem of control of large multi-agent systems is attracting attention for the many possible applications, such as crowd dynamics, socio-economic systems, and vehicular traffic. After revising some challenges and opportunities, we will focus on a recent experiment involving 100 autonomous vehicles to dampen stop-and-go waves on an open highway.

Bio:  Benedetto Piccoli is University Professor and the Joseph and Loretta Lopez Chair Professor of Mathematics at Rutgers University - Camden. He also served as Vice Chancellor for Research.

His research interests span various areas of applied mathematics, including control theory, traffic flow on networks, crowd dynamics, math finance and application to autonomous driving, population health and bio-medical systems. He is author of more than 300 research papers and 7 books and is the founding editor of Networks and Heterogeneous Media.

Piccoli is the recipient of the 2009 Fubini Prize, Plenary speaker at ICIAM 2011, and 2012 inaugural Fellow of American Mathematical Society.