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CAM Graduation

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Photo credit: Sue Sheerer, True Life Photography

The following three CAM PhD students graduated on Saturday, May 26, in a ceremony presided over by CAM field member and former director, Steve Strogatz.

From left to right:
Rinald Murataj  
Rinald's dissertation is entitled Default risk and asset returns. He will be joining T. Rowe Price as a quantitative equity strategist. (Committee members:  Robert Jarrow (chair), Michael Nussbaum, David Ng, David Matteson and Sanjeev Bhojraj) 

Daniel Freund  
Daniel's dissertation is entitled Models and Algorithms for Transportation in the Sharing Economy. After a 1-year postdoc at Lyft, he will join the faculty at MIT. (Committee members:  David Shmoys (chair), David P. Williamson, and Jon Kleinberg) 

Bertrand Ottino-Loffler
Bertrand's dissertation is entitled Synchronization unlocked:  spirals, zetas, rings and glasses. He will be employed as postdoc at MIT with funding provided by a James S. McDonnell Foundation postdoctoral fellowship.  (Committee members:  Steven Strogatz (chair), Richard Rand, and Christopher Myers) 

Congratulations, graduates!

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