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Wesson, Elizabeth

  • Wesson, Elizabeth
  • Title: Postdoctoral Associate
  • Address: Frank H T Rhodes Hall, Room 657
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My current research is on the motions of fluid drops, with Alex Townsend and Paul Steen. A droplet on a vertically oscillating surface is observed to take on standing formations (modes) that depend sensitively on the driving frequency. When the drop has an equilibrium contact angle of 90° and the contact line moves freely, these modes are spherical harmonics and can be characterized by a single energy spectrum. When either of these conditions fails, the symmetry is broken, resulting in spectral splitting and mixing. Many of these modes have been observed experimentally, but so far they must be identified by eye from high-speed videos. My current focus is on computational methods for fast prediction of mode shapes, and recognition of pure and mixed mode shapes.