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Scientific computing and numerical analysis

Students specializing in numerical analysis/scientific computing often minor in Computer Science. This sample course of study assumes a CS minor. Another relevant minor would be Operations Research, especially for students interested in optimization.

  • Year 1, fall semester: CS 6210 (Matrix Computations), Math 6110, Math 4330
  • Year 1, spring semester: CS 6220 (Optimization) or CS 6240 (ODE's and PDE's), Math 6220 (Applied Functional Analysis),
  • Year 2, fall semester: CS 6820 (Algorithms), Math 6190 (Partial Differential Equations), OR 6300 (Linear Programming).
  • Year 2, spring semester: CS 6220 (Optimization) or CS 6240 (ODE's and PDE's) CS 522 (Software for Scientific Computing), Math 6200 (Partial Differential Equations)
  • Year 3, fall semester: OR 6320 (Nonlinear Programming), Math 6710 (Probability)
  • Year 3, spring semester: OR 6325 (Interior Point Methods), Math 6280 (Finite Element Methods)